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The patrolling of the multiethnic police patrols will end Thursday in eight Tetovo villages - Poroj, Dzepciste, Gjermo, Vejce, Semsovo, Ozormiste, Palatica and Trebos, Media Activity Center within the governmental Coordinate Crisis Management Body announced.
The conditions for round a clock police presence in those regions have been created so the process of reintegration of all 72 villages in Tetovo region is completed. However, the residents of Vejce village have threatened to prevent the police patrolling, unless the police checkpoints are dismantled.
Out of 142 villages included in the Plan on police redeployment, 131 villages are reintegrated. The patrolling is still carried out in eight Kumanovo villages.
After the de-mining process is completed, the patrolling should begin in Skopje villages of Tanusevci, Malino and Brest.
No gunfire was heard Tuesday morning in Tetovo crisis region, unlike Wednesday night when there were shootings from different kind of infantry weapons in the town and the surrounding villages, MIA's correspondent reported.
Police and Army sources stated, that Wednesday night to Thursday morning were registered occasional shootings and burst of fire from direction of locality Rasadiste by the road to Popova Sapka, from the region at the Textile high school "Goce Stojcevski", the SEE University, the larger apartment complexes, Teke, the reformatory, as well as from direction of Mala Recica, Gajre, Germo, Prsovce and Trebos.
There were occasional gunshots from infantry weapons that come from certain town areas and several villages in Tetovo and its surrounding Wednesday evening. According to police and army sources, series of gunshots were registered from area Rasadiste, Tetovo settlements Teke, Gorna Carsija, Kupenik, Vonvardarska, Drenovec 2, Ciglana and Sipad, as well as bigger building complexes up until 21,30h. Gunshots were also registered from villages Gajre, Mala Recica, Germo, Dzepciste, Prsovce, Odri, Palatica and Trebos.
Teams of the Tetovo Interior Department did not succeed in determining the location of the two explosions that were heard around 02,00h from the direction of settlement Kupenik in Tetovo.
In Kumanovo - Lipkovo crisis region, gunfire have violated public peace and order six times Wednesday night, MIA's corespondent reported.
Burst of fire and occasional shootings were registered in the areas of the villages of Vaksince, Opae and Bukurica locality.
After two-day break, the mixed police patrols continued Wednesday their patrolling in all Lipkovo region villages, after overcoming the problem due to the arrest of a resident from Slupcane that provoked the local population to obstruct the police entrance in six villages.

MPs Should Work without Payment.
INTERVIEW Standartnews: Plamen Kenarov


Pavlina Zhivkova

We are waiting for someone to give orders how to vote, says Dr. Plamen Kenarov.

Assoc. Prof. Plamen Kenarov is an MP of the National Movement Simeon II in the 39th National Assembly. He is an anesthesiologist, his second profession is social medicine and health-care management. From 2000 he holds the post of the executive director in the "Queen Giovanna" clinic. He was born in Yambol in 1952. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia and specialized in "Humboldt", Germany.

- Mr. Kenarov, in your opinion where do the deputies work most efficiently?

- In the parliamentary committees, where the MPs work along with the experts from ministries and NGOs. A deputy cannot be an expert in everything that concerns lawmaking. I'm a medical doctor and it often happened to me in the plenary hall to encounter problems which I don't know anything about. In such cases, when your are not competent enough in a certain sphere, all you can do is press the button and get advised how to vote - "yes", "no" or "abstained".

- What would you suggest then?

- The Standing Order of the Parliament should provide opportunity to all deputies to practice the profession they used to practice before becoming MPs and they must be on pay-roll there. Probably the Constitution should also be amended to make it possible. The great bulk of work should be done in the committees and the laws that the commissions discuss should be voted at two sessions at the interval of 2-6 months within a year. The organizational model of the Bulgarian parliament, set down by the Constitution, is not efficient enough to allow the deputies make high-quality laws the society needs.

- What do you mean saying that the MPs should go on practicing their professions?

- They shouldn't receive salaries for their work in parliament.

- Do you think it will save money?

- No, the budget of the parliament may remain the same. The wage funds may be spent on the establishment of the so-called expert commissions. Their members will be highly qualified experts who will draft the laws.


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