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U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Negroponte, third from right, raises hand as the United States vetoes a resolution to extend Bosnia peacekeeping operations, at the Security Council Chamber at United Nations headquarters, Sunday, June 30, 2002. From left to right: Syrian Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe, Director of the Security Council Stephanides Joseph, United Kingdom Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock, Negroponte, Bulgaria Ambassador Stefan Tafrov and Cameroon Ambassador Martin Belinga Eboutou. (AP Photo/Osamu Honda)

President Purvanov Sends Letter to European Parliament Leaders about Kozlodoui N-plant.
Sofia, June 30 (BTA) - President Georgi Purvanov sent a letter to the leaders of the European Parliament asking them to support Bulgaria which insists on not decommissioning units 3 and 4 of the nuclear power plant at Kozlodoui, National Radio said, referring to Gordon Adams MEP, who is attending an international nuclear conference in the Black Sea city of Varna.
The President's press secretary, Boika Bashlieva, confirmed to BTA that Purvanov had really sent such a letter.
According to Adams, the pressure for closing down N-plants in Eastern Europe is a kind of political and economic blackmail.
It is up to each country to decide whether it would be economically viable to reconstruct its nuclear power facilities, the decision should not be made by the European Union, Adams said.
It emerged in Varna on Sunday that the nuclear company BNFL and WestingHouse of Britain would take part in the tender for consultants on decommissioning units 1 and 2 of the Kozlodoui N-plant.

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